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Westringia Fruiticosa

Westringia Fruiticosa | Plant Profile

Westringia is an evergreen shrub that comes to us from Australia, where it grows in exposed locations on coastal cliffs.  Mature size can be variable, depending on the cultivar grown, garden location and irrigation practices. Hybrid varieties such as ‘Blue Gem and ‘Sorrento Coast’ tend to stay a bit more compact. Having said that, even the species takes well to light shearing to maintain size and shape. Sizes range from 3-6 ft tall to 5 to 10ft wide.

This versatile shrub is tolerant of summer-dry conditions when established but will be a bit more lush with modest summer irrigation. To see a few outstanding images of Westringia in a garden setting  follow this link to, horticultural photographer Saxon Holts’  website,  and type Westringia in the search dialog box.

Westringia fruiticosa is sometimes referred to as W. rosemariniformus . The photo above is the basic white-flowering species.

W. ‘Blue Gem’  has  upright with growth 3-5 ft tall by 3-4 ft wide , and sports pale blue flowers.

Coast Rosemary planting advice

W. ‘Smokey’ has silvery  variegated foliage,  white blooms  and typically attains 4-5 ft tall x 5-5 ft  wide. 

Sorrento Coast Rosemary planting advice

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