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Cactus and succulents are the ultimate water-wise and drought-tolerant plants for the landscape, with the added bonus of being easy care and low maintenance. Once established, cactus have an amazing ability to go without water for an extended period of time. Succulents can also survive without constant watering.

Despite having rain these past two winters, the Napa Valley is a warm and dry Mediterranean climate, with no assurances of ongoing wet winters, so being mindful of water usage is a good idea.

Coming in a wide range of sizes, growth habits, colors, forms and textures, cactus and succulents provide year-round interest with their bold, dramatic and unique appearances. To add more dimension and color to the planting area, other drought tolerant shrubs, groundcovers, and blooming perennials can be interspersed. Container planting is another way to introduce these great plants into your garden d├ęcor.

Our Succulent Display

Basic needs of cactus and succulents:

Full sun to partial sun is best.

Excellent drainage needed. We sell a cactus and succulent potting mix by the bag.

Slow, deep watering to get the root ball completely moist. There is no firm rule on how often to water, as there are many variable conditions, but with drought tolerant, desert adapted plants, it is better to err on the dry side. It is so much easier to correct under watering than over watering, as overwatering can start root rot. If in doubt, do not water. Once a week is plenty, even during warm weather. Water less frequently in cooler months, with little to no watering in the rainy season.

Our Succulent Display

Come in to the Central Valley garden center to check out our rotating selection of these wonderful plants. Ask us specific plant care questions, and how you can incorporate succulents and cacti into your garden!


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