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Named for the fourth consecutive year as one of the "Best Places to Work" in 2022 by the North Bay Business Journal, we know that our people are the key to making Central Valley a great company, and we have specific expectations about what we expect from one another, called our Brand Behaviors.

Our Behaviors are infused into everything we do: They are included in how we hire, train, coach and recognize one another.

These Behaviors are more than words on paper, they are a strategic asset that aligns us to achieve our Vision. These behaviors describe “how” we do our work, creating a unique environment for us, and impacting the customers’ experience by ‘Making the Next Moment Truly Matter.’

To maintain a great work environment and the best service, we hire only those committed to our five behavioral beliefs: Growth, Ownership, Teamwork, Empathy and Impress.

Do these Behaviors resonate with you? Join Our Team today!

You are passionate about learning and developing new skills that provide personal and company growth

You are mindful of the customers and team members around you, and work to make everyone feel welcome.

You take accountability for your own efforts, help customers and team members alike, and care about shared results.

You know when to take the initiative and going above and beyond the call to provide service that surpasses expectations.

You take pride in your ability to collaborate with team members to achieve common goals.


Personal well-being is a way of life that leads to a balanced, healthier and happier you. It is a path shaped by daily choices and it means something different for every individual. Well-being is important because it enables us to perform at our best – both at work and at home.

Our focus at Central Valley is to:

  • Help employees and their families improve their physical, emotional and financial well-being.
  • Care for employees and families by providing the tools and resources to help employees actively take responsibility, share in the cost, and make the best decisions regarding personal well-being.
  • Provide programs and resources that are competitive, offer protection and that respond to the changing needs of employees throughout their careers.

We believe in the value of investing in an overall environment of health and well-being because employee performance and business performance are so closely linked.

Health and Well-Being

Investing in our employees and their families is a top priority. That's why we offer a range of plans with benefits that improve the quality of their lives, including options like:

  • Medical Care
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Dental and Vision Care
  • Healthy Incentives (i.e. gym, smoking cessation)
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability

Achieving Balance Throughout Your Career

Central Valley provides benefit opportunities focused on leading healthy lifestyles that support the long-term health and well-being of employees and their families.

  • Paid Time off, holidays, benefits for time away from work for rest, relaxation, and the flexibility to care for personal and family needs
  • Give Back to Your Community (Paid Volunteer Hours) Program
  • 401K/Roth Savings Plan with matching program