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For the Love of Roses

My love of roses was kindled as a child in my aunt’s rose garden some 35 years ago. I can still remember the intoxicating smell that would greet us upon arriving to her home. It was such a welcomed scent after traveling an hour, which felt like an eternity, during the heat of summer in our 1980’s Suburban next to my sweaty brother and sisters. Upon arrival, I would peel myself off the bench seat and head straight for those blooming beauties.

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Edible Flowers

When we think of bringing flowers indoors, we often imagine a beautiful bouquet. But flowers can brighten up the dinner plate too! Edible flowers range from sweet, to tangy, to savory, and can be used in many different dishes. Remember to rinse your flowers well and never eat flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides. Flowers can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a week. 

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Hooked on Hydrangeas

With names like Endless Summer, Incrediball, Vanilla Strawberry, Shooting Star, Pistachio, Fuji Waterfall, Snow Queen and Glowing Embers, who could resist the temptation to grow hydrangeas? There are over 70 species native to Asia and America, and over 700 varieties of this diverse group of plants, although not all are in cultivation. From two foot miniatures to eighty foot monster vines, there are plenty of styles, shapes and sizes to please any avid gardener and plant collector.

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Bee Friendly Gardening

You’ve probably heard that bee populations have been declining. But did you know that 1/3 of plants we eat depend on bees for pollination? Without bees, we would likely lose many of our favorite fruits and veggies, like blackberries, apples, almonds, tomatoes and peppers! Though the many causes of bee population decline are not yet well understood, pesticide use and habitat destruction definitely play a part. So what can you do to help? Provide food and habitat for those bees!

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Getting Down and Dirty with Soil

“You can’t have a healthy civilization without healthy soil. You can’t have junk food and have healthy people.” – Joel Salatin

One of the main and most recurring questions we get in the nursery is “why does my plant look sickly?”

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The 411 On Tomatoes

Whether you call them tuh-MAY-to or tuh-MAH-to, almost everyone has questions about how, where or what types to grow. We’ll start from the ground and work our way up. 


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Seed Startibg

Seed Starting

If you’re itching to get your hands in the soil and get a jump start on your spring/summer garden but know that it is too early to do so outside, then now is your prime opportunity to start your favorite spring/summer annual flowers and vegetable seeds indoors. The first warm days of March often tease us into thinking it is time to plant our tomatoes and basil.

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