Calandrinia Spectabilis: Rock Purslane

Plant Profile

This bloom heavy tender perennial from Chile is a fine choice for the summer-dry garden. Featuring bright magenta, poppy shaped blooms on limber 2ft stems poised delicately above succulent blue-gray toned foliage, this plant makes a tidy mound. Roughly 1ft high by by 3 to 4 ft wide at maturity. Flower production starts in spring and continues until fall. Winter hardiness is reported to be anywhere from 18 degrees to the mid to high 20’s depending on the source, so the gardeners’ location in the valley will dictate the extent of cosmetic damage from frosty mornings. The Sunset Western Garden Book lists its zone hardiness as 15 which encompasses elevations above the valley floor and the south county including Carneros and American Canyon.

Plant in full or partial sun (morning sun and late afternoon shade works well for the hotter regions of the county) in well-draining soil. Established plants in the ground need very little summer water. A good container plant, and excellent in mixed plantings with succulents, grasses and natives.

Rock Purslane


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